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      Our Responsibility: Sustainable Choices at KAFFE

      KAFFE is not just about fashion; it is also about caring for people and the planet we live in. We realize that we also play a role in striving for a better world for generations to come.

      As part of DK Company, we place great emphasis on improving the lives of workers worldwide and protecting the environment. Would you like to know more about our commitment to sustainability at DK Company? Then click here.

      As a brand, we contribute to the overall sustainability strategy by working with approved suppliers and being creative within the boundaries of our sustainable materials strategy. In the future you will see more and more sustainable materials appearing in our products.

      We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.

      The Timeless Elegant Style of KAFFE: Since 1993

      For more than two decades, KAFFE, the Danish fashion brand based in Ikast, has enriched the world of contemporary women with a timeless and modern Scandinavian style. Since its founding in 1993, they have stuck to their philosophy and built an impressive legacy as a brand that believes in creating future classics.

      With a proven track record of over 20 years in the fashion industry, KAFFE remains true to their core values ​​and continues to design collections specifically tailored to modern women of all ages, sizes and personalities.

      The Essence of KAFFE

      The heart of KAFFE is steeped in appreciation for the past and a vision of the future. This is reflected in their designs, which always stay true to the classic elements of Scandinavian fashion, while at the same time innovating and evolving to continue to inspire the ever-changing tastes of their customers.

      One of the most striking features of KAFFE is their attention to detail. The brand's collections are infused with beautiful feminine touches and features that enhance the overall aesthetic. Their use of high-quality fabrics, perfect fits and versatile styles creates an effortless and sophisticated look for women looking for timeless elegance in their wardrobe.

      The DK Company Family

      KAFFE is not only an esteemed brand in its own right, but is also part of DK Company, an established multi-brand fashion group. With its place within DK Company, KAFFE has access to a rich source of experience and resources, which has strengthened their position as one of the most respected fashion suppliers in Europe. This partnership has allowed them to further develop and expand their brand while maintaining their core values.

      A New Step: The KAFFE Curve Collection

      And now, with great excitement, KAFFE introduces their newest addition to the collection: the KAFFE Curve Collection. At Axent, your trusted fashion destination, we are excited to offer this brand in a range of sizes ranging from 44 to 54. This expansion is more than just a new addition to their range; it is a testament to KAFFE's continued commitment to inclusivity and celebrating the diverse beauty of women.

      The KAFFE Curve Collection was designed with the aim of providing beautiful plus size clothing for body-positive women with curves. Each piece in the collection is thoughtfully designed to accentuate each woman's natural beauty, while seamlessly blending comfort and style. The collection is a celebration of self-confidence and individuality, and it emphasizes that there is no single standard for beauty.


      With over 20 years of history in the fashion industry, KAFFE has proven that their commitment to timeless elegance and style is unwavering. Their collections, designed for women of all ages and sizes, are a reflection of their continued commitment to the modern woman.

      With the addition of the KAFFE Curve Collection, the brand further expands its inclusive approach, allowing women of all shapes and sizes to enjoy the beautiful designs and high-quality fabrics that KAFFE is known for.

      At Axent, we are proud to support these remarkable brands and offer their collections to our valued customers. KAFFE remains not just a brand, but a symbol of timeless style and inclusivity in the world of fashion.