This way you can spot what is really made for you among the sales jungle

This way you can spot what is really made for you among the sales jungle

The bargains have started throughout the Benelux. Exciting , but the offer can be quite flashy: two plus one, stacking discount, last chance. Of course it is a bonus if you can save valuable money, but the core of a successful shopping session remains unaffected by the sales: only buy what you fully support. For curvy ladies this often refers to the fit . You have to feel comfortable in it. So how do you choose the best fit when shopping? Axent comes to the rescue.

The right size

During the sales, it is tempting to ignore your trusted brands and head to the large department stores for something new. After all, everything is affordable. Experimenting is fun and healthy, because style changes with your experiences, but there are risks with unknown labels. At Axent we scan our range in advance for fits that fit women with larger sizes and the sizes are approximately as you are used to, but ready-to-wear sizes increasingly vary. While with one brand an M can also be passed off as an S, with the other label the largest size is still on the small side. 

Before you just buy something new, we always recommend checking the sizing of a brand. Preferably ask a retailer or google it. Sometimes the label is less important due to clever design tricks, especially aimed at full-figured women. For example, this beautiful voile midi skirt in rimio blue from Xandres has an elastic waistband, so it quickly fits perfectly to your body shape . 

Graceful silhouette

The 'optimal fit' is something very personal. Maybe you like loose-fitting items made of light fabrics that flow as you walk into the sun, while a bodycon dress would also look fantastic on you. If you're not sure, you can always fall back on the basic rules of the figure, which conceal prominent shapes and emphasize flat parts. For example, is your shape pear-shaped, also known as type-A? Then your hips are relatively wide. To bring your body into a more balanced shape, you can emphasize your upper body. For example, with bright colors and shiny fabrics, such as in this floral statement piece made of satin . What also works is a top with details, such as ruffles, bows or, for example, the special cut-out in this top from Yesta . 

You apply the same tactic to an apple figure - if your shoulders are wider than your hips. To slim down your upper body and draw attention to your legs, we recommend loose-fitting blouses with a beautiful décolleté. This immediately makes you look a little taller. For example, try this purple bargain from Signature, with a beautiful waterfall collar . Just know what you're getting into: eager looks guaranteed.

Front, back, left, right

The statement 'take a walk in front of the mirror' is there for a reason. We are sometimes tempted to quickly grab something in the store. We find fitting a hassle and perhaps a bit too public . However, our strong advice is to take the time and look at yourself carefully from all sides. For example, a top that is slightly longer at the back can be very flattering, while the front is not so special. Only if you take in the 360 ​​view will you see the effect. The same goes for this apple green cardigan . The first impression on the model is very fresh and cheerful, but only when she moves does it become clear how elegantly the slit falls around her body due to the heavy, good-quality fabric. The same goes for a layered outfit. Check your complete face by peering at yourself over both shoulders. If it makes you blush, then you're in the right place!

The sales are an excellent time to look in your closet and stock up on any wishes you may have. But do so consciously. Don't just choose based on the biggest discount, but on what you actually think you will wear. Those kinds of purchases last forever.

Would you prefer tailor-made advice? Send a message or visit the store. Our team is happy to look with you so that you do not make any bad purchases and only buy what makes you really happy.

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