This is how you get through the summer in a fashionable way

From Viva Magenta to the Mermaid look: This is how you get through the summer in fashion

The trips have been booked and the suitcases are as good as packed. What you may have been putting off is preparing your sultry summer looks. Because was that cheerful polka dot dress from last year actually that nice? And is such a deep waist a good idea with your curvy figure? The answer to both is 'yes' anyway, because everything that is 'you' is by definition stylish. But a fashionable second opinion can't hurt. That's why we'd love to take a look at your summer closet. 

Viva Magenta

Advisory agency Pantone provides advice every season about the shades that will color the street scene. For 2023, the experts chose the so-called 'Viva Magenta' as the color of the year, a deep purple-pink that should appear brave and fearless, exuberant and joyful. It is a color to celebrate, with an optimistic look at the beautiful summer moments that await you. For example, you could try these cheerful plain pants . The stretch waistband makes it extra comfortable and always fits perfectly.

A slight deviation towards beet purple or fiery red is also welcome, because those colors are also part of the selection of the color predictors. We sell a sea of ​​red items in our webshop and this fuchsia top made of silk mix with fine openwork jersey details looks beautiful with trendy jeans or flowy skirt. Wear it with a buckle to put your waist and hips in the spotlight. 

Blue Rest

Are you more of a person of peace and simplicity? Soft shades of blue have also been reserved for this particular fashion season – the type that, like a clear sky, is almost unnoticeable, but oh so welcome. We know from research that blue gives impressions of calm and peace – even just thinking about it. If you don the color, it is even said to lower your blood pressure, improve mental well-being and promote orderliness. This may be because we associate it with oceans. 

At Axent we have put together a special selection of blue items for you, so that you don't have to search long for your own soothing addition. They are all of good quality and specially made for a body with shape and curves.

Boho forever

Bohemian is back! To the extent that it has been gone at all. The latest version of the hippie look is mainly about layers and material combinations. This means that you don't have to buy everything new – nice and sustainable. Take a look at what you have in your closet and experiment with new variations. Do you still have a boho vest with beautiful details? You could choose a beautiful timeless wide dress to go with it. Thisorange dress with playful volume and elegant bell sleeves, for example. Do you just have that hippie dress hanging in the closet? You can dress it up with this soft cardigan with V-neck or this scarf with a tie-dye look . Tie it around your waist to accentuate that beautiful body of yours. 

Just like Venus

Who says sheer materials can't be modest? That seemed to be the message on the Spring/Summer 2023 catwalk. You can beautifully combine transparent items with pieces made of heavier materials to create an ensemble with the Venus effect – that ethereal feeling of soft fabric fluttering in the wind. How do you create that feeling? You could layer a little black dress with a colored cardigan made of a thin, slightly transparent knit. A more rugged version is a black top and pants with a sheer leopard tunic on top. We have already demonstrated that look for you. 


The long-awaited Little Mermaid has only just arrived in cinemas and we are already seeing the trend emerging in major fashion cities. The mermaid look is totally hot and fits perfectly on plus size women. Because you don't get that beautiful natural curve with a rectangular body. 

You can emulate the Disney version by going all-in with feminine colors and glitter details, but the subdued version is just as beautiful. For example, we have this beige dress with a striped pattern and mother-of-pearl buttons. It flares slightly at the bottom, giving you that nice chiming effect. Or go for this tight-fitting bodycon in nautical blue – it looks a little more sensual and looks great.

Would you like to be advised about the right fashion for your body and specific taste? Send us an email. We are happy to help you in your search for your personal look for 2023.

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