Under the motto “All you need to look fabulous”, fashion house Yesta has been creating for the fuller woman for more than 15 years. As a sister of Yest (up to size 48), the brand stands for style and self-confidence for the full-figured woman. The Yesta look is sporty, yet feminine. In addition, the focus is on quality and a beautiful cut and a fit that hugs the body — all shapes and sizes. We sell Yesta in sizes 44 to 54.

As part of Buur Fashion, which also produces brands Ivy Beau, ES&SI and Base Level, Yesta makes a statement for curvier women. Yesta believes that dressing fashionably, proudly and trend-consciously does not depend on your clothing size. In fact, a size more is often very powerful. Some cuts and cuts just flatter better on curves. Because of this view, the brand has grown not only in the Netherlands, but also in Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden, Canada and America.

Balance is a code word for the plus size brand. High-quality fabrics, but affordable, elegant, but also modern, compliant with the latest fashion, but also classic. In short: Yesta is for the fashion-conscious plus size woman of today.

In the spring collection for the upcoming season we see prints with geometric motifs, flora & fauna, stripes and checks, but also strong solid colors that bring peace to your outfit. The most diverse items can be easily combined thanks to the matching color shades. The carefully selected shapes and silhouettes also make the new line a whole. The lookbook shows imaginative combinations that make your personality shine and provide a platform for expressing a unique style. Short tailored jackets are worn on comfortable trousers, a crisp white denim jacket goes great with a loose tie-dye inspired dress, and we spot a monochrome flowing suit in bright red. If that's not a power look... 

Yesta is sensitive to trends, but the basic collection and jeans collection will always exist under the sister label "Base Level Curvy". A unique item from the range is the pull-on shapewear tregging with a tight fit and a high waist. Thanks to a special lifting technique, the buttocks are lifted up, making enviable curves stand out even more beautifully. 

At Axent we proudly sell the Yesta range. Their vision fits in seamlessly with our own convictions. Moreover, it is a great company to work with. After years of cooperation, we see how Yesta is constantly reinventing itself by listening to both business partners and customers. For example, Yesta now only uses plus size models, we see a steady improvement in price/quality and the collections always seamlessly match the trends in the fashion world.

It is definitely worth checking out the new 2022 collection. If any questions come to mind while shopping, don't hesitate to call or email us for fashion advice. We'd love to watch with you!

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