Xandres heralds the new collection with a strong motto: "We are all Xandres". This means: All sizes from size zero to large sizes are equivalent. Previously, the brand sold collections in "regular" (Xandres) and "large" (Xandres Gold) sizes. That idea has been passed since the 2022 summer collection. From now on, 40% of the collection is available as standard for women with a curvier and steps are being taken to increase that percentage further with a view to inclusivity. Because why make a distinction according to size if everyone is unique in their own way?

At Axent, we are proud of such a vision. Moreover, the brand is home-grown: thoroughly Belgian. The brand has been operating from Destelbergen for almost a century, with a unique range of elegant feminine clothing that you can continue to wear season after season - always of impeccable quality, with an unparalleled fit and a sustainable approach. The latter is the future of the fashion industry and certainly within the plus size market it distinguishes Xandres from other brands. 

The success of the Belgian fashion house is the natural result of a rich company history. In 1927, Xandres opened its doors under the name Andries & Co for the production of work clothing, which was the official name of the brand only in '97. In the 1970s, the focus shifted to stylish and timeless trousers, where the journey to mastering cut, fit and fabric quality really began. Today, that tailoring character can be seen in the collections. 

Xandres is very concerned with sustainability, because it is necessary for a better world, and because it fits so well with the values ​​of 'quality and timeless', which have been central to the fashion house since its inception. Thanks to strictly selected production partners and continuous material innovation in the Xandres lab, the brand is ready for the ambitious sustainable fashion goals that were announced last year in Xandres' first sustainability report. As part of The Fashion Pact, a broader coalition with partners such as H&M and Nike, Xandres is also committed to using less plastic and more recycled packaging.

Whether you have a size 34 or 56, according to Xandres you have a perfect body in both cases. What matters is the right fit, and they've found something for that. All garments fall into three categories, each with its own implication for the fit. UNIQUE items are specially designed for curvy women, IDENTICAL pieces are equally flattering for all sizes, and SEVERAL pieces from size 44 have adjustments that create more comfort for plus size customers. That is craftsmanship: first looking at the customer, and then optimizing the fit. This is exactly why investing in the luxury brand is justified. 

Xandres does not deal with labels, but with the perfect fit for every figure. In this way, the brand tells the story of every woman with diversity as a rebellious ideal of beauty. We sell the collection in sizes 44 to 54. Take a look at our range, and don't hesitate to contact us and ask for fashion advice. We can't wait to show you around with the beautiful looks of Xandres.

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