What to do with the sales period

What to do during the sales period

The holidays are behind us and the glittery dresses can go back into the closet. Yet they are still hanging in shop windows everywhere. The winter sales have started again: the most beautiful pieces can be purchased at attractive prices throughout the month of January. Good news for fashionistas, but also challenging, because a bad purchase is of no use. Axent comes to the rescue with bargain tips.

Always good

Sales are a nice snapshot to see what you are really missing in your closet. Good basics such as shirts, a good walking sneaker, little black dress or a nice white blouse are always a good idea. Sooner or later you'll have to get one, so why not now that everything is a little more affordable? 

Moreover, basic clothing is a sustainable choice. In recent years, 'sustainability' has become an important theme in fashion, because buying without awareness does not benefit nature. As a fashion-conscious woman, you can really make a statement by choosing 'staples' – essential, minimalist items that are easy to combine. 

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white straight knee length skirt

super elastic trousers with straight legs, color blue

Who you want to be

It is exciting to look honestly in the mirror and say out loud what you see. Perhaps things have changed in your life or in your body, which has given you a more pronounced taste or a more timid appearance. Fashion is the perfect tool to experiment with and to show the outside world who you are. 

The sales offer a great moment to ask yourself what you are missing in order to express yourself. You can invest in something that feels new or perhaps even challenging without too much risk. Buy a bright pink jacket, or add that ultra-tight pencil skirt to your wardrobe to finally give your beautiful round shapes the attention they deserve.

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silk blouse in purple

long voile dress

Price tag check

The danger of bargains is that impulse purchases lurk. Trying things out is a good idea, but you have to stand behind your choice. This does not mean that you should buy everything that is cheap - just because of the attractive price tag. Such an item will soon just be left to be dyed on the back shelf of your closet.

When considering a bargain item, ask yourself: if this item were on sale at its original price, would I consider purchasing it? If your honest answer is no, it's best to leave it alone. There is probably something else that suits you better. Moreover, a cupboard that is too full is a waste of overview. Then you forget what you have and your ensembles become a chaos.

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green blouse made of soft tencel blend

short dress in gray with lilac undertones

You have to do double

We all have favorite things that make every ensemble a success. Maybe it's that beautifully fitted top that shows off your curves beautifully, or a certain color that always works for you. These are the items of which it is best to take an extra copy, because you know that they will be done justice no matter what.

Some women choose to buy the exact same item of clothing again. Double clothing may not be the first thing you think of as a trend-conscious fashion woman, but it says a lot about your sense of style if you know what works for you. So do you see your favorite copy with a discount sticker? Just do it.

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quilted coat in different colours

comfortable jogging pants in blue or ecru

What the heart dictates

Actually, this rule always applies, but anyone who knows themselves a little can trust that their fashion sense is fine. Ultimately, all items in the store have been approved by a fashion team - especially at a beautiful store like Axent where everything has been carefully and expertly selected. It is a matter of taste whether it warms you or not.

Gianni Versace once said: don't let fashion control you, but decide for yourself who you are and how you want to show that through the way you dress. Walking with friends and fashion people around you is fun, but the most important thing is that your look matches your inner world.

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