This is how you shine during the spring festivities

This is how you shine during the spring festivities

March heralds spring and kicks off the communion, spring festivals and weddings. Preparations cannot start early enough and a suitable party outfit should certainly not be missing. At Axent we are happy to help you with style advice without obligation, so that you can shine during these special days.

Communion or spring festival

A first communion involves some codes of conduct, because you are a guest in a church. Appropriate clothing mainly means that you put together your ensemble with respect for your religion: not too naked, not too colorful. By the way, saying that you shouldn't look crazy is nonsense. 

There are several options to combine glamor and communion. The classic is white and feminine, for example this one with an underdress and subtle dotted print. Color is certainly not forbidden, but keep it mild. You can consider this midi dress with topstitched overlap, extra summery with faded floral print. This model also creates a high waist – perfect for women with a beautiful bust. If you prefer plain, try this beige complexion . Looks spring-like and slightly more chic, but you don't steal the spotlight from the child who takes the big step (and looks beautiful himself).

The non-religious version, the spring festival, is also a special ceremony, but the dress code often leaves a little more room for your own style. Don't be afraid to use this and make your shapes look extra beautiful. Remember that this is a festive occasion: radiant guests make a wonderful contribution to the party. 

They will live long

Getting married is more fun in the sun, many of our friends think. It should therefore come as no surprise that the spring period is fully booked with weddings. The issue is not very different from communion parties: how can you ensure that you do not distract the eyes of the party couple, without completely ignoring yourself?

To give the bride her moment, you could, for example, choose something other than a dress. A matching suit in a mild color looks great, preferably with a belt for women with more shape. If you want to go a step further, add a pair of special earrings. You can also play with special fabrics, as our trousers in bouclé fabric show beautifully. Fabric quality doesn't lie, so with one of these luxurious items you are already on your way. Combine it with a light cardigan , a soft scarf as an extra, and you're good to go.

Spring outings

In addition to the formal events, the agenda is now also slowly filling up with other invites: a drink with the neighbors, a chic dinner at your brother's holiday home, a barbecue for that nice colleague (or your boss!) or perhaps there are plans for it. a small dance party in your own backyard.

You have the best idea of ​​what the rules are. To find the perfect look that suits the event, your style and your body shape, you can start with the organizer: is he or she an outspoken type, or does he or she live more according to the less is more philosophy? Don't forget that a style that is right for you as a person will quickly resonate. If red looks amazing on you, then go for that power jacket . Love prints? Choose that blouse with tie dye print . You can always 'style it down' with classic trousers . Put your hair up nicely, put the gift in the bag and enjoy spring together!

Would you like personal advice for the perfect spring outfit based on your body shape and style preferences? The Axent team is happy to help you. Send an email or visit our physical store in Herent. 

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