Plus size power on a summer catwalk

Plus size power on a summer catwalk: you can do this too

Most leading designers have received the memo: models can be more diverse. In the last runway seasons we saw how brands started participating one by one – and how amazing that looked. Axent lists the most beautiful plus size looks (and models) from the spring 2023 shows for you and reveals the fashion classes for larger women.

Bright satin
Who says you have to cover shapes with black? Can look very nice, but those who have crazy curves can also show them. So also judged Fendi. They chose top model Precious Lee as their muse, with her beautiful full lips and unprecedented curves. Precious she certainly was as she strutted down the catwalk in bright yellow satin and matching headpiece. The split gives wax extras by placing a subtle focus on the legs. Asymmetry and avant-garde pleating techniques make the look absolutely couture-worthy.

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satin dress in oversized cut with beautiful print
Purple blouse with satin sheen

Black on black
The opposite is also true: black is beautiful, always. So also for women with a size more. At Max Mara, the Dutch Jill Kortleve, aka Jilla Tequila, showed that. She appeared in a co-ord, all in black. A halter top is always a good idea with a full bust: it is comfortable and looks confident. Sets are easy to look neat, but by choosing a crop top you just see a bit of your belly. That makes the look sporty and sexy at the same time. Pencil skirts are a beautiful optical lengthener of the legs and the look is completed with exciting accessories: an asymmetrical bag and platform soles with leather elements.

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Faux leather skirt in black
Midi skirt in black/bronze & blouse in black/bronze (set)

Sensual Ensemble
It is immediately clear that inclusive label Fe Noel was founded by a Caribbean fashionista. Year after year, the designer brand sends models down the catwalk in colors and shapes with a clear element of passion. Motto of the label? Eat well, travel a lot and dress to inspire. That resonates well with Axent. This look is daring, with the special low sleeve and corset elements. By combining that sensual upstairs with a covered downstairs, the ensemble is in balance. Color nicely matched to the model and voilà: ready for the red carpet.

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Elegant brown dress in airy voile

Like a tiger
Wild and free has often been the message of the iconic duo Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. The last spring show took it quite literally: a lot of animal prints passed by. An amazing dress was worn by a beautiful red-haired appearance. In order not to make the look too loud, the designers opted for a black scarf – an unconventional way to use accessories, but oh so handy. Tiger print and gold go hand in hand, and by matching both jewelry and shoes with the whole, the look remains straightforward. Add that tiger and snake print back into its next summer – you can stock up on this outfit in no time.

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leopard print midi dress

When you see these super looks lined up like this, it's a miracle that only 1% of spring/summer 2023 looks in NYC, London, Paris and Milan were worn by a curvier model. In the Netherlands and Belgium, women have an average size 42. A missed opportunity for the fashion industry, but not for us and certainly not for you. At Axent, we are excited by the potential of fashion for curvy women and invite you to join the movement today.

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