Our Sustainability Promise: An Alternative to Black Friday

We would like to take a moment to express our appreciation to you as a valued Axent customer. You are part of our community that not only strives for stylish clothing, but also for a sustainable and conscious approach to fashion.

This year, after careful consideration, we have decided not to join in the traditional Black Friday madness. Instead, we want to focus on something that is even more valuable to us: sustainability and appreciation for our customers.

Why no Black Friday Discounts?

At Axent we believe in offering quality garments that last, and that goes hand in hand with sustainability. We want to counterbalance the throwaway culture often associated with the fast-paced world of discounts and seasonal fashion changes.

Instead of discounts on new purchases, we want to offer something different this Black Friday: a gesture of appreciation for you as a customer and for the garments you have purchased from us.

An Invitation to You on Black Friday

On Black Friday we invite you to visit our store in Herent. Bring an item of clothing that you once purchased from us that needs minor repairs. Whether it's a seam that needs to be fixed, a button that's missing, or a minor repair that's needed, we'll fix it for you completely free of charge.

This initiative is our way of embracing sustainability and showing our appreciation for you as a customer. It is our statement against the throwaway culture and a step towards more conscious shopping.

Why Free Repairs?

We understand that clothes are not just fabric and seams; they are memories, choices and part of your story. By offering free repairs, we want to ensure that the garments you buy from Axent last a long time and continue to accompany you on your journey.

This Black Friday is not about discounts, but about cherishing the bond between you and your clothes. We want to encourage you to choose consciously, to see the value in the pieces you own, and to join us in making a statement for sustainable fashion.

Together for Sustainable Fashion

Axent stands for more than just clothing; we stand for a community of conscious shoppers who understand that fashion is more than what hangs on the racks. It is a statement, a choice, and a way of life.

We would like to thank you for your continued support and dedication to Axent. Together we can make a difference, not only in the fashion world, but also in the world around us. Let's celebrate this Black Friday together, not with discounts, but with a renewed commitment to sustainability and appreciation.

See you on Black Friday, where we not only repair clothing, but also strengthen our connection with you as a valued customer.

With warm regards,

The Axent Team

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