fall trends 2022 for curvy ladies

Some clothing trends are forever. On the other hand, fashion is constantly innovating. We also see this reflected in the autumn collections of 2022. The following hip autumn and winter trends belong in the wardrobe of a woman with curves. They are old and new ideas – all equally fashionable.

Almost white
Whether you want to call it cream, ecru , beige or off-white, all colors that are just not white are allowed again. With a soft cashmere sweater or a simple blouse in a light basic shade, your look is almost complete. Women who don't like minimalism can add something to it, for example brightly colored sneakers or a striped cardigan. With white as a base, you can vary endlessly.

From head to toe in almost white, it does not come across as boring at all. We also saw home suits and co-ords on the catwalk in Milan and Paris – sets in monocolours, with refined details such as gold thread or special buttons. Dressing in an all-white ensemble is the new fur and makes great plus size fashion.

To the floor
We can't call them new: floor-length dresses were already fashionable in the hippie era. They are also called maxi dresses and they are certainly not only reserved for women with a size zero figure. Especially the fuller woman gets an amazing look in a long dress, because they are very graceful and feminine.

You can go for subdued colors such as the khaki version that Burberry sent onto the catwalk, but fuchsia pink with flowers à la Oscar de la Renta is also allowed. Combine the dress with simple ballerinas or loafers to create an elegant look.

Learn without animal
Sustainability and animal friendliness are high on the agenda of plus size brands. Genuine leather is a by-product of the livestock industry, responsible for about 15% of global CO2 emissions. Faux leather or faux leather isn't perfectly durable either, but it's certainly an improvement. And it looks insane!

Faux leather is available in all colors of the rainbow and many different textures are possible: shiny, rough, soft, you name it. At Axent we sell faux leather dresses, skirts, pants and more. We are fans of classic black, ecru or bronze, but why not go for green or combination material such as faux leather with sturdy jersey?

Power sleeves
This trend has also made a comeback: emphasis on the shoulders and arms. At Axent we sell all kinds of variants, from wide shoulder inserts to puffed sleeves . By playing with volume along the arms you create extra shape and that suits women with a size more.

For those who prefer to dress modestly, there are subtle options such as ruffles at the wrists. Moreover, this trend is easy to 'style down' by combining it with fitted jeans or loose-fitting trousers. Ultimately, it's about playing with silhouettes and accents that give your crazy body shapes the attention they deserve.

Strong base
Every fashion-conscious woman would do well to invest in good basics. With a 'capsule wardrobe' you can combine more easily and you always have something for every occasion. Good basics include shirts made of soft cotton, dark trousers that flatter nicely and a blazer that fits nicely. With the right basics you can emphasize exactly the curves you are proud of.

Buy your basics in safe earth tones or in a color you wear often. Basics don't have to steal the show. The idea is that you "style them up" with fashion-forward pieces with bold prints, colors or textures.

Got excited about fall fashion? Click on the links to immediately add a trendy item to your wardrobe. If you are not sure about your case, we are happy to advise you.

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