first look at the new spring collection

First look at the new spring collection

The first showstoppers for a sunnier '23 have arrived at Axent. Paris, Milan, London and New York have already given a preview of what the street scene will look like, but what do you like? Familiarize yourself with the possibilities and start daydreaming about your favorite looks for the new year. 

Power pigment

The first thing you notice when you imagine yourself in the '23 collection is color – lots of color. We are sometimes tired of the gloom caused by all the unrest in the world and the great thing about fashion is that you can soften such a mood through the outside. Resolve to yourself: this spring I will contribute to a cheerful and diverse street scene. 

What is your favorite color? Brands are not afraid to make a clear choice in this regard. 'Mono', choosing one color for your entire look, is very hip. See, for example , this matching airy blouse and trousers with a fresh yellow print from Xandres. Canary yellow, yet balanced due to the simplicity of the color palette. Or try this sky blue ensemble with a subtle gold stripe. Suitable for a party, but also for a casual day out.

Earthy accent

When are they actually not fashionable? Earthy tones give a subtle signal of connection with all living things. Red for a fiery accent to your day, blue like the suppleness of the ocean, brown, the timeless classic that brings peace to your look and green tones as the ultimate reference to nature. 

On the catwalk we saw how brands such as Givenchy and Dior combine sand colors with diva pink, or powdery blue with leaf green. Bringing two worlds together – fashion and nature – produces a beautiful result. Give our silk mix scarf in fresh green tones a try, or how about a skirt with a beautiful degradé?

Loving your hips

We have of course already known that shapes are meant to be loved, but this season it is specifically about the hips. Extra volume on the hips , a clear print and the use of bright color are all legitimate ways to participate in this festive trend. At Axent we think it's great news that plus size-proof silhouettes can finally come to the fore more often in the fashion world.

A great example of an item in our '23 collection that allows you to celebrate your curves is this straight skirt in fresh white. Thanks to the bold blend of red tones and the figure-hugging silhouette, all attention is drawn to your hips. This denim skirt made of comfortable stretch cotton in sand beige offers a slightly calmer alternative.

Always good

With a view to conscious choices, it is never wrong to choose beautiful basic items that are always available. Brands such as Yesta often choose not to remove those types of items from the collection. They are 'Never Out of Stock' (NOS), or available 365 days a year.

The great thing about familiar basic items is that you know what they are worth, so you can combine them very well and transform them into fresh new looks. A long black basic cardigan is nice on a summer dress when it cools down in the evening, but it will keep you warm just as well on a gray indoor day. And beautiful denim pieces in the closet have been leading to successful fashion for decades, for every season and every type of woman.   

Would you like to be advised about the right fashion for your body and specific taste? Send us an email. We are happy to help you in your search for your personal look for 2023.

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