The Beauty of Belgian Fashion

The Beauty of Belgian Fashion: Why Buying Homegrown Brands Is So Important

Belgian Fashion Week is coming again, and that means it's time to show our love for the rich diversity and quality of Belgian fashion. This year the spotlight is on the beautiful Belgian brand Xandres, which is widely represented in our plus size store and webshop, Axent. Let's take a closer look at why it's important to embrace homegrown brands, and why Xandres is a shining example of Belgian fashion at its best.

1. Quality and craftsmanship

Belgian fashion is known for its unparalleled quality and craftsmanship. Belgian designers and brands attach enormous importance to details, cut and finish. Xandres is no exception to this. This brand is synonymous with high-quality garments designed with the needs of plus-size women in mind. The carefully selected fabrics and meticulous production processes result in clothing that is not only comfortable, but also durable and long lasting.

2. Diversity and inclusion

Another characteristic of Belgian fashion is diversity and inclusion. Belgian designers understand that fashion should be accessible to everyone, regardless of size. Xandres has embraced this philosophy and offers an extensive collection of plus size garments that combine elegance, comfort and style. The brand celebrates the beauty of women of all shapes and sizes and shows that fashion knows no boundaries.

3. Environmental awareness

Belgian fashion is also known for its attention to sustainability and environmental awareness. More and more Belgian brands, including Xandres, are embracing environmentally friendly production methods and materials. The result is a collection that is not only trendy, but also kind to our planet. At Axent we are proud to offer our customers the opportunity to make sustainable choices without sacrificing style.

4. Support to local economies

By supporting homegrown brands, we contribute to the growth of local economies and the creative industries. Belgian designers and brands have received worldwide recognition for their talent and innovation. By purchasing their products, we support not only these designers, but also the artisans and workers involved in the production of these clothes.

5. Unique style and flair

Belgian fashion has a unique style and flair that is difficult to find elsewhere. It is a combination of elegance, minimalism and a bold approach to design. Xandres embodies this style perfectly, with pieces that can be effortlessly adapted to different occasions, whether you are attending a formal evening or having a casual day with friends.

So, as Belgian Fashion Week approaches, we encourage everyone to embrace the beauty and benefits of Belgian fashion. And if you're looking for high-quality plus size fashion with a Belgian flair, look no further than Xandres, available at Axent. By investing in homegrown brands, you not only invest in your wardrobe, but also in the future of the Belgian fashion industry. Let's celebrate the beautiful world of Belgian fashion together during this special week!

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