base level curvy

Base Level Curvy offers exactly what the name promises: beautiful basic pieces of an unprecedented level. As part of parent company Buur Fashion (also owned by Yesta), this stylish plus size brand guarantees a beautiful, confident look for women with a curvier. We have included the most beautiful items from Base Level Curvy in our range in sizes 44 to 54.

Previously, the brand was sold under the name Yesta Basic. Yesta's trusted basic items were then offered in a "Never Out of Stock" (NOS) format, i.e. always available, 365 days a year. That has not changed, only the collection has been given a new look and transformed into a fresh new brand, in order to achieve an even stronger bond with its loyal customers. 

The Promise of Base Level Curvy  is a perfect basic collection, good quality, fair working conditions, reasonable prices and every item always in stock. The latter is also a great sustainability principle; Working without seasons is not only better for the earth, it also offers the opportunity to continuously improve products in the long term in close cooperation with suppliers. Moreover, as a wearer it is nice to know where you stand. Base Level is Curvy for every woman with curves  a permanent address where you can always go for beautiful basics that flatter and can be combined well. 

The fact that sustainability is important to the brand is also evident from the open communication about maintenance. On the website Base Level gives Curvy  additional advice for the ultimate care of your clothing. For denim, viscose, polyester and cotton, it lists exactly what you can do to enjoy your items as long as possible – and the tips go beyond what is stated on the care label. 

Within the collection of Base Level Curvy  you will find many subtle colours, simple silhouettes and classic necklines such as the V-neck. The fabrics are soft - mostly a mix of viscose and elastane for a comfortable stretch. The common thread of the collection is comfortable design for everyday use. Because of that clean simplicity you can combine items endlessly with other Base Level Curvy pieces or – for the more expressive woman with shapes, with other brands that use more color and print. For example Axent favorites Yesta, Xandres or Signature. 

The brand has made a name for itself internationally with outlets throughout Europe, Canada and the US. This is how Base Level Curvy makes a statement for the fuller woman who lives fashionably, proudly and trend-consciously. Through years of experience and internal expertise within the company, Base Level Curvy  exactly which cuts flatter and where the power of 'Less is More' lies for plus size fashion women. In combination with high-quality fabrics and classic cuts, this makes the brand an excellent choice for rounder, fashion-conscious women of today.

Base Level Curvy  believes in comfort, simplicity and timeless fashion as the basis for your daily outfit. This fits in seamlessly with Axent's vision. We are at your service if you want to know more about the collection or if you are looking for tailor-made advice. 

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