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      Nordic fashion - fashion from Scandinavia - is hipper than ever before. The popularity is partly due to the hype surrounding the design city of Copenhagen, the functional and minimalist aesthetic that is typical of the Northern neighboring countries and the proximity to magical natural settings that shines through in Scandinavian designs. Large fashion capitals such as Paris and Milan are slowly filling up with 'scandi' brands and Axent is happy to participate. For example, we sell B.Copenhagen, Signature and Brandtex, all three part of the BTX Group. Available with us in size 44-52. 

      The group is iconic in Scandinavia and has been around since 1935. The Danish textile pioneer was founded by the Petersen brothers in the small town of Brande, where all of their 6 brands are still designed today. They grew steadily peaking in the 60s. Their trousers in particular went over the counter like hot cakes. BTX's mission: to create fashion that makes women feel great. BTX is about the modern woman, comfort, good fit, and attention for the right adjustments with a changing body, for example due to ageing. To achieve this, a strong relationship with their suppliers and 3000 points of sale is required. They do this well, partly thanks to almost a hundred years of experience. 

      Each BTX brand represents a different type of woman. The B.Copenhagen woman is a woman of the city. She appreciates its creativity, diversity and vibrancy and the people and surprising experiences each day brings. The Danish design splashes off the latest collection with strong color coordination, comfort and a trendy touch. B.Copenhagen encourages every woman - full figured and curvy - to walk positively and confidently through the vibrant city. She embraces the scandi lifestyle and is admired by passers-by. 

      Self-confidence also plays a leading role at Signature, an expressive brand with lots of color and prints. The motifs that you will find in our webshop and store are both floral and geometric. The Signature woman radiates: I have my own style and I don't mind being seen for it. She is as stylish as a work of art and her wardrobe is carefully curated for easy mix-and-match. The silhouettes are perfect for women with a curvier, due to the straight shapes and waistbands that you can adjust to a comfortable level. 

      The Brandtex woman already has a rich life behind her and is entering a phase with fewer obligations, but she definitely considers herself a beautiful active woman. She spends a lot of time with friends and family and likes to go out. The collection has been adapted to this with many loose fits and fabrics that breathe. Quality, comfort and a harmonic base tones are all part of the brand and the focus is on women with more curves. 

      What the three brands have in common: these women are happy with their lives. Regardless of their age, body shape and daily activities, they know what they stand for. They express this with an expressive clothing style and the conscious choice for premium fashion pieces that do justice to and shape the body and show off the type of figure at its best. Designed for real women with a real sense of style, we love that. 

      If you want to know more about these three power woman brands: call us or send an email! We are ready to advise you and help you find your perfect look.